My spouse left me, or things just aren’t working out anymore. What do I do now?

First things first, every divorce is different and depends on whether you have children, alimony, marital property, and a wide variety of other issues. Seeing an attorney early in the process is a must. A consultation may cost a little now but can save you lots later!

What do my spouse and I need to decide?

The most prominent issues revolve around the children. Custody and Support play a pivotal role in any agreements. Other issues to consider are property distribution (who gets the house, the car, jewelry, bank accounts), alimony, how you are going to communicate with each other, health insurance, and many more issues need to be discussed. Decisions should not be made without the input of an attorney as there may be log lasting and expensive consequences.

Do I need to have a separation agreement?

This question is a tricky one and the answer can be different depending on the case. Agreements can help transition from being married to being divorced. Divorce is a lengthy process and in many instances your case won’t go to court for well over a year. Having an agreement in place lets you and your ex-spouse move forward knowing certain portions of the divorce are already decided upon. The downside is many times these agreements are binding and can have long-term effects. An attorney should be consulted for the drafting of an agreement, and each party should at least have separate attorneys review the agreement before signing it. Many times issues and consequences exist that an attorney is trained to spot and adequately confront.

Why meet with an attorney now?

You can potentially jeopardize your ability to maneuver and negotiate. Every action you take can have long term effects on your legal position. Acting now ensures that you maintain your legal position and allows your attorney the ability to negotiate on your behalf from the very beginning.