Child Custody and Child Support

Are Child Support and Child Custody the same issue?

No they aren’t, but Child Custody and Child Support are often lumped into the same category. It is a good idea to have both ordered by the court as soon as possible.

What kind of Child Custody do I want?

There are several types of Child Custody, including Physical (dealing with the actual child) and Legal (dealing with the ability to make decisions for and about the child). You can ask for Joint or Sole Custody in each of these sub-types. Determining what kind of custody to ask for depends on a multitude of factors and an attorney can help you decide which type is appropriate in your case. Even when an agreement is place, the courts review ALL child support and custody.

How much Child Support can I ask for?

Child Support in MD is determined using a “worksheet.” While it seems like a simple process much of the controversy revolves around how much money a person actually makes and what the actual extra costs are in each circumstance. Consulting an attorney is important for both parties.

What will the court take into account when deciding custody & support?

The court will take into account any relevant information. Many legal battles revolve around what is “relevant.” The court will attempt to ensure that the best interest of the child is accounted for. The court will always do what it believes is best for the child. Issues of substance abuse, long work hours, ability to provide adequate care, emotional stability and many other issues are often taken into account.